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    What is life

    Life is full of Adventure and Beauty waiting for you to reach out for it. Do not let anything stop you from experiencing life in its full range.

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    Yoga lesson

    Breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.

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Mind Management

Do you want to focus on developing your physical and mental health, the leadership in your company or the organization you work in? Do you want to do it in a relaxing place like Phuket away from your office and home in Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Shanghai or some other big city in southeast Asia? Then maybe I have something to offer you at KAMALA HEIGHTS
( www.kamalaheights.com)
. Not to far from where you are but stil so different.

My name is Jonas Sandberg. As a licensed Psychologist from Sweden (registered at the Health boards in Sweden, Norway, NZ and Australia) I have more than twenty years of experience in working with people, individually as well as in groups, with different backgrounds and cultures.

Over the years I have developed my own way of working with peoples personal development, on an individual basis and in groups, by using methods like cognitive talks, mental training and hypnosis. These are based on modern techniques developed by the famous Milton Erikson MD combined with certain aspects of old and newer eastern philosophies.

Under the heading: FOR YOU and: METHODS you can read more about how I work with people on an INDIVIDUAL basis.

When I work with people in GROUPS I do it together with health coaches specialised within diciplines like yoga, running, swimming etc depending on peoples preferences. In this way we can take care of your physical as well as your mental health.

To get more info about how the physical and mental work is integrated in these workshops please look under: WORKSHOPS FOR YOU and WORKSHOPS FOR COMPANIES AND ORGANISATIONS.

If you want me to work with your company or organisation, but you think other methods for personal and group developement, apart from the ones I’ve presented above, are needed, I can bring in my psychologist colleagues from Sweden to assist me. For more info about these workshops please look under: WORKSHOPS FOR COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATIONS.

To get more info about the fields my psychologist colleagues are specialized within please look under: METHODS.

If you want to come to Kamala Heights just to relax and take care of your physical health, without combining it with mental work, this is also possible. Then please look under the heading: HEALTH PACKAGE

Congnitive Talks

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When we meet for the first time, either in person or over internet, we start by identifying what you want my help to improve or change.

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Mental Training

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If it's not sufficient to strenthen your mind with cognitive talks we can continue to do this with cognitive mental training.

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When you talk about Hypnosis it often arouses strong emotions. For some people positive and for others negative. But most people consider it to be a very effective method.

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We are licensed psychologists working with individuals and groups in companies and organisations .

E jonas@mindmanphuket.com

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